Rick & Patti Roberts  -  Intercultural Missionaries
Your financial gifts are working for the Lord and are sincerely appreciated!

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Thank you!        Thank you!       Thank you!
Ministry Opportunities Abound
We are finding many opportunities to share our
faith with people of various national and religious
backgrounds. Please pray with us that the Holy
Spirit will convict these hearts and bring these
precious souls into God's Kingdom.
                                                      Important Contacts

Please pray with us as we reach out. We are meeting immigrants in many places and working our way into their lives.
Our goal is to earn their trust and share the saving Gospel of Jesus with them. These people come from many various
cultural backgrounds and religious orientations.
Recently, as I was visiting the mosque, the leader approached me. I explained to him that I was a follower of Jesus,
and I was there praying for them. He was congenial and has since greeted me at my subsequent visits.
                                                                 Spreading the Word
                                                                                   The June issue of a local Christian magazine, Covenant Spotlight,   
                                                                                   carried an interview explaining our outreach to Muslims. Our hope
                                                                                   is that the article will inspire more people and churches to learn
                                                                                   how to reach out to these people bound in religious deception
                                                                                   while we still have time.
THANK YOU to all who support our work. We could not function without you.

Check out our ministry video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jFYgKOW5sI
"Reaching the nations within our nation."
I preached at a church in a small town near Baton Rouge
a few weeks ago. In this very small community was a mosque.
I was honored to be able to communicate the burden of my
heart for this people group. Unfortunately, it was that morning
that a shooter murdered 49 people in Orlando in the name of
ISIS. What an exclamation point on the need to reach
Muslims with the Gospel.
                                                      Upcoming Mission Trip – Raising Funds

During the month of June, I conducted several concerts to raise funds for our upcoming trip to Albania in
October to teach at the Bible College there. We need to raise $4000 to cover the cost of this ministry
endeavor, mostly due to flight expense.  The Bible College will provide housing for us. If you would
like to contribute to this effort, Please send a special offering to our account (#217334) and designate it
for “Albania Mission Trip”.