The Transformation of Benjamin Wilson

                                                             Chapter 1
 The Adventure Begins

"I'll be watching you!"

Those chilling words and the icy glare from Detective Jones left Ben in stunned silence. What now?

For all practical purposes, Ben Wilson should be dead. He deserved to be dead. He wanted to be dead. He
stood guilty, without a plea, before a judge in a South Carolina courtroom. He had confessed to the brutal
murder of a young woman. There was no debate. He offered no excuse, no defense. It was a simple
verdict. Guilty!

His sentence, as he had requested, was to be executed before a firing squad. But something had gone
terribly wrong. Ben survived! It was not what he wanted, but it was what he now had to live with. Ugh!
He had to live!

Isaiah was dead. Ben was alive. None of this was right.