The Call of God
Proverbs 16:9  "In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his

Please allow us to introduce ourselves.  We are Rick and Patti Roberts,
missionaries to Albanians.  

We directed a street ministry in Cincinnati, Ohio for three years and did much
evangelism in the area.  Then, in 1984 we began our pastoral ministry and moved
to my home state of South Carolina. After 17 years of pastoral ministry and
significant involvement in missions, Patti and I were called and commissioned to
Albania, a small Eastern European nation.  

Rick served as pastor the International Church, one of the oldest and largest
churches in Albania, with a congregation of 200 Albanians and 25 foreigners.  Our
effort has been to train leaders and workers for the work of ministry among their
own.  We were involved with various ministries, including a medical clinic, an
orphanage, a ministry to the handicapped, a Bible College, International
Correspondence Institute, and village outreach.  We have also been concerned
with the problem of human trafficking.  Thousands of women and children are
taken from their homes to other nations and forced into prostitution and slavery
each year.  

The challenges in this nation are great.  Formerly ruled by a communist dictator,
Albania is the only nation in history officially declared to be an atheistic state.  
Against this backdrop and the fact that Albania was ruled by Turkish Muslims for
500 years before communism took over, acceptance of the gospel comes with a
price for many of these precious people.  The predominate religion of Albania is
Islam, although statistics report 55% of the population as non-religious.  
Communism ravaged this nation economically and spiritually.  But in 1991,
Communism fell and Jesus moved in!

Today the gospel is going forward in Albania.  The church is growing, and God is
raising up workers to advance the gospel to an even greater extent.  With less
than one percent of the population professing evangelical Christianity, there is
much work to be done.  

At the beginning of 2006 we felt that God was calling us to work among the many
Albanian immigrants living in the United States.  There are thousands in
Philadelphia, and we have been asked to work among them.  We have also found
a group of Turkish believers we are trying to assist in their faith and their outreach
among their countrymen.

In 2016 we relocated to Lafayette, LA to reach out to Muslims.

Rick & Patti Roberts