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Firing Squad is a story of
suspense, intrigue, surprises,
and fascinating characters.
Join the adventure as Ben
discovers that life is full of
the unexpected.
And wait 'til you meet Isaiah.
What people are saying.

"I did the first edit and I got so involved in the
story I forgot I was is
fabulous!"         Patti Roberts

"I couldn't put it down; read the whole book in
one sitting."  Leon

Paula wrote: "Just finished reading this
incredible book, written by my friend and
former pastor, Rick Roberts. I couldn't put it
down. It was awesome. I felt like I was back in
the Lowcountry and could almost smell the
paper mill in North Charleston again. Order it.
You won't be disappointed. I can't wait for the

"... a very good read! I had to make myself
stop reading so I could make it last a little
longer!"  Lorraine

"This is a good read...takes you into the good
ol' South. Purchases will help to support two
missionary friends of mine (, i.e., the author).
   :)"  Jan

"Hello....please tell Rick for me his book was
great! I read it this Afternoon. I can hardly
wait for the second one."   Sharon

"I read Firing Squad last night - great story.
Your Jehoshaphat quote on page 111 could
not be more timely as we process still another
round of challenges and changes."  Otto

"I started your book last night and couldn't put
it down. I read 5 chapters."  Gary

I got our copy yesterday,.... on chptr 10 or 11
already !!! LOVE it !!!  Brandi
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