Revelation 8
Before we go into Chapter 8 and the opening of the 7th seal of the scroll, let's take another look at
Antichrist.  People are always trying to figure out who it is or may be.  In the 20th century alone, the
following men have been suspected as being the Antichrist:

1.        Kaiser Wilhelm - The German Emperor's title meant 'Caesar' and he intended to conquer all of
Europe in WWI and reunite the old Roman Empire.

2.        Benito Mussolini - The Italian strongman from Tome threatened the world after WWI.

3.        Adolf Hitler - Hitler has come to represent the ultimate personifica-tion of evil.  He persecuted and
murdered 6 million Jews and tried to conquer Europe.

4.        Joseph Stalin - The atheistic leader of the Soviet Union was brutal and desired to conquer the world
under the banner of Communism.

5.        Nikita Krushchev - He threatened to bury us all.

6.        John Kennedy - Some anti-Catholic fundamentalists were con-vinced that Kennedy was going to
form an alliance with the pope and the communists and take over the world.

7.        Mikhail Gorbachev - Many believed he was only deceiving the West into reducing its nuclear
arsenal.  Some even suggested the mark on his head might be the 'Mark of the Beast".

8.        Ronald Reagan - He was targeted as a candidate for Antichrist be-cause this three names - Ronald
Wilson Reagan - each had 6 let-ters - thus 666.

9.        Saddam Hussein - Some have suggested he will sign a peace treaty with Israel only to break it and

10.        Bill Clinton - Some have labeled Clinton as the Antichrist and Hillary as the False Prophet.

11.        Other candidates have included Henry Kissinger, Margaret Thatcher, Boris Yeltsin, and George

Some suspect that, since Satan doesn't know God's timetable of events, he always has a possible
candidate waiting in the wings.

Here are ten keys to Antichrist's identity.  You can look up these pas-sages later:

1.        He will rise to power in the last days - Daniel 8:19, 23

2.        He will rule the whole world - Rev 13:7-8

3.        His headquarters will be in Rome - Rev 17:8-9

4.        He is intelligent and persuasive - Daniel 8:20

5.        He rules by international consent - Rev. 17:12-13

6.        He rules by deception - Daniel 8:24-25

7.        He controls the global economy - Rev. 13:16-17

8.        He will make a peace treaty with Israel - Daniel 9:27

9.        He will break the treaty and invade Israel - Daniel 9:26

10.        He will claim to be God - 2 Thess 2:4