Spiritual Warfare
What is spiritual warfare?  We like to think of it as some glorious, spectacular battle in the
heavenly realms, which, in reality, it is.  But what does it look like here on earth?  Not exactly
the same!  
Spiritual warfare is much like military warfare – it just drags on day after day sapping the life
out of you a little bit at a time until you are so drained you can’t go another step forward.  
Spiritual warfare isn’t prayer bombs dropping all over the place and wiping out the enemy in
one fell swoop.  No, it is more like guerilla warfare – the enemy hiding behind every bush
and building, sneaking up on you and taking you by surprise at every opportunity.  Spiritual
warfare is that daily nibbling away at your spirit; like a little mouse unraveling a thick rope bit
by bit until one day it just snaps, and you are left wondering what in the world happened.  
Spiritual warfare – I wish all those people who are so anxious to get into some real ‘spiritual
warfare’ knew the reality of it.  It is not glamorous.  It doesn’t make you famous.  No, it will
make you feel like a loser and a failure, because that is what the enemy wants you to feel
like - that is part of the tactic of his warfare.  He doesn’t want you to get attention through
spiritual warfare.  He doesn’t want HIS failures advertised.  He wants to keep you in small
scale warfare, with low lying battles so people won’t notice, and you will be worn away slowly
but surely.
Spiritual warfare is usually the daily grind of ministry with its many frustrations and
unreached ideals and goals.  These wear down your resolve and your willingness to keep
going.  They eat away at your passion.  They constantly test your commitment.  
In short, spiritual warfare is not some blaze of glory success.  That ‘blaze of glory’ comes
after many years of the daily grind of the battle with the guerilla warfare demons that plague
you every day.
So, where are all those ‘heroes’ who wanted to be on the front lines of the spiritual battle?  
They are either in the fox holes fighting the daily spiritual battles largely unnoticed, or they
are as far away from that battle as they can get, because there is no glory in it.  The real
heroes, my heroes, God’s heroes, are those who stay in the battle every day with no glory
and no thought of glory, except the glories of heaven when their share of the battle is over
and they hear their master say, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

Rick Roberts
AG missionary to Albania